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Welcome to my private practice website. Since you have found your way here, you will know that I am a well-known sexologist having been featured in – Sex-Ed with Mary Hodson columns, Good Health magazine and many newspaper, radio and television interviews.

My very busy private practices are called Achieve Health and Education Consultants Ltd., and Sex Therapy New Zealand, a division of STNZ 2010 Ltd. You will no doubt know that Sex Therapy New Zealand was started by that most amazing therapist Robyn Salisbury, who wrote the Mrs Salisbury column in the Sunday Star Times and is also the author of ‘Staying in Love’.

Sex Therapy New Zealand is a nationwide company providing specialist emotional and sexual intimacy counselling across New Zealand. I am a co-owner and the regional director for the Central North Island and Wellington.

I am the only therapist or counsellor in the Bay of Plenty that has completed advanced sex therapy training and this is a critical distinction. To be accepted to train as a sex therapist the candidate must first have extensive experience as a relationship counsellor and be either a psychologist, psychotherapist, occupational therapist or a highly trained counsellor. Sex Therapy is an additional specialisation.

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 In New Zealand, Australia and Asia professional bodies and educational institutes are moving to have sex therapy courses accredited and to have sex therapy practitioners become registered health professionals quite separate from the practitioner’s existing professional qualification.

Whilst specialist training in this most complex and highly sensitive field is critical, so too is the experience a practitioner gains through the long hours of supervised practice required prior to the completion of training. After completion, the most critical factor in gaining the depth of experience required to be an effective therapist, is the number of clients seen and the range of intimate problems encountered along the way.

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I completed my Advanced Sex Training in 2005 and now have 11 years’ specialist experience. In total, I have over 25 years’ experience as a therapist and counsellor and hold the following registrations, professional body memberships and qualifications.
Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC)
Accredited sex therapist (2005) – STNZ 2010 Ltd
Registered with ACC .

Member Asia Oceania Federation of Sexologists
Registered with the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (C. Sp)
Qualified in the Practice of Adult Education (Clinical and academic)

Due to the busy nature of my practices, I work only with a select group of couples who are committed to developing relationships that really work for both partners. Relationships that bring them a closeness that they have never experienced before, joy and pleasure in each other in every way. I require each couple that I accept into therapy to invest the time and effort that it takes to get this state and to realise that therapy is not something I can do for them rather, it is something I guide them through. I am committed to the couples I accept and I put my heart and soul into the therapy and it works best if they do too.

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